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How to use the Library: Support for Disabled Students

Our professional team of staff offer a wide range of services to all QMU students, staff and visitors. From help with joining and borrowing; enquiry service, interlibrary loans and photocopying as well as subject support from Liaison Librarians.


Library Services are able to offer various services to support disabled students.

Disabled students should contact the Student Services Disability Service in the first instance as use of the additional resources may be dependent on referral from their Disability Adviser.

Information about the Student Services Disability Service can be found here.


Assistive Technology Room - Level 1 - LRC

The Learning Resource Centre has a separate room with PCs with access to the QMU student desktop.

The PCs have the following assistive technology software:

MindManager - mind mapping software. Mind mapping is recognised as an assistive tool for students with learning disabilities such Dyslexia, it makes use of images, colour, shape, size and symbols to map out information in a way that is easier to comprehend. When you use a mind map you are constantly seeing what you have already done, this decreases the possibility of losing your train of thought.

TextHelp Read & Write v11 - software that helps students with reading, writing and research

CCTV magnifiers are also available, these enlarge printed material on to a TV screen for reading in the Library.

There is a selection of coloured paper for you to use at the MFDs. For assistance on how to print on coloured paper please ask at the LRC Helpdesk.

Additional Library support

Book Collection Service - If you need help getting books from the shelves, LRC staff will be happy to help. Please ask at the LRC Helpdesk. Alternatively, you can email with a list of items that you require and we will arrange to have the items placed on the Hold Shelf for you to collect at the LRC Helpdesk.