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Library: Student IT Help

Our professional team of staff offer a wide range of services to all students and staff at QM and visitors. From help with joining and borrowing; enquiry service, interlibrary loans and photocopying as well as subject support from Liaison Librarians.

Where to get help

The LRC Service Desk is your first port of call for Student IT help.  The Service Desk staff are trained to help you with problems like the following

  • Connecting to the Wireless Network
  • Email
  • Citrix Remote Desktop
  • Help with Office
  • How to use the photocopier/printer/scanners (MFDs)

If we are unable to help we will escalate your issue to one of our IT colleagues.

You can also email us or call us on 0131 474 0000.  You can also use the Assist helpdesk to report problems.


Password Help

If you have forgotten your password or it has expired while off-campus, you can get a new one here

If you don't know the security question, refresh the page to get another.  If you don't know any of the questions email us, providing us with your name, student number and home address and date of birth.

After 24 hours you can reset your password to one of your choosing by logging into the QM Desktop on site or off-campus and using CTRL ALT DELETE

QMU password requirements

The following requirements apply to QMU passwords:

  • Your password must be at least 7 characters long.
  • Your password must contain 3 of these 4 types of character - Uppercase letters; Lowercase letters; Numbers and  Non-alphabetic characters (ie $, !, £, % etc)  
  • Your password cannot be the same as your username. 
  • Your password cannot contain your full name or part of your name.

QMU systems (but NOT the Hub@QMU) will prompt you to change your password every 60 days.

NB You can only change your password once in any 24 hour period.


IT guide and links