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Resource Lists: Guide for Staff: Step 5. List reviews

This guides aims to support academic staff with managing their Talis Resource Lists.

When you have created or updated a resource list, you have the option to ask your Liaison Librarian to review it for you. They will check:

  • The required information in each entry is present and formatted correctly
  • The link to the resource (if online) is working and the correct one for QMU students to access
  • The link to the library's catalogue record is included (if a print resource)
  • The library has enough copies of the book (and potentially order an ebook license if available) 
  • The links to digitised chapters or sections of books are working 

If you select Publishthis will save the changes and make them visible to students without a librarian checking the list.

(If you make small changes such as bookmarking one website or journal article, you might want to choose this option)

If you select Review & Publish, the list will be sent to your librarian and they will check the list. 

(If you make more significant changes such as bookmarking several journal articles or adding several books that may be available in the library, we'd recommend you choose this option)