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EndNote at QMU: Troubleshooting

Line breaks in the reference list

We're not sure why, but for some reason EndNote does not by default leave a gap between references in the automatically generated reference list in MS Word. To add spacing so your reference list goes from this:

To this:

You can either go through the list and add these line breaks manually, or take the following steps: 

1. In Word, within the plugin, click on the small arrow icon that you will find along the bottom of the ribbon:

2. A pop-up box will appear. Click on its 'Layout' tab. You will then be presented with different options.

3. Select the 'single' option from the dropdown menu of the 'Space after:' option and then click on 'OK':

That should automatically create spaces between each reference. The same pop-up box allows you to change the font and style and line spacing of the list as well as having the option to give the list a title.

*Harvard only* - Ensuring the DOI or URL is included in the reference list

It has been found, when referencing with Cite Them Right-Harvard, that the reference list entries for journal articles are not including either the DOI or the URL (with last accessed date).

This problem can be resolved within Endnote 20 by adding in some additional instructions. The instructions about how to do this can be found in the document below: