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This guide provides information about where to find teaching materials, through QMU Library subscriptions and open licensing.

This guide provides information about the different kinds of resources available for you to use in your teaching at QMU.

Talis Resource Lists

At QMU we use the Talis Resource Lists tool to provide information to students about essential, required and background reading for their modules.

Please contact your subject librarian to let them know which modules you are teaching so they can add you as the owner of an existing Talis list or create a new one for you. You will then be able to add to and edit the list.

You will need to connect to the Talis list within Canvas. Please see the Canvas guidance page for information about how to connect your Talis list.

Please see the guide on how to use Talis Resource Lists for further information about creating and maintaining a Talis list.

Relevant policies

QMU Resource Lists policy


It is important to ensure your teaching materials are as inclusive and accessible as possible. Please be aware of QMU guidance and support in this area.

Relevant policies

QMU Inclusive Learning and Teaching Policy


Please note that all teaching materials produced at QMU should adhere to copyright law. Please see the guide to copyright for information about your responsibilities as module leaders.

Key information

  • It is a breach of copyright to download journal articles and ebook chapters etc and upload them to Canvas
  • Instead, you should use a Talis Resource List to provide links to journal articles and ebooks for students to access themselves
  • It is also a breach of copyright to scan chapters of print books yourself and upload them to Canvas
  • Instead, you should email - we will check whether we own a copy of the book, scan it and upload it to our online space and then add a link to it in your Talis Resource List or Canvas for you.

Relevant policies

QMU Copyright policy