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Referencing: Home

About this guide

Please note that the examples given throughout this guide are in Harvard style, which is the most commonly used referencing style at QMU. These are illustrative of how to cite and reference. 

Referencing at QMU

There are many different referencing styles. QMU modules require either standard Harvard or APA referencing. Most subjects at QMU ask you to use the Harvard referencing style. For guidance, please see the online resource Cite Them Right Online (QMU login required).

APA 7th Referencing

Some programmes ask you to reference using APA 7th style (e.g. Psychology, and Speech and Language Therapy). If you are asked to use APA for assignments, consult Cite Them Right to make sure you are citing and referencing in the correct style. The default setting for Cite Them Right for QMU is Harvard (because the majority of modules require Harvard style referencing), so make sure to switch the Cite Them Right examples from Harvard to APA in the settings.

Cite Them Right

Important notice: 

The Cite Them Right referencing website is being relaunched in June 2022. The redesign will make it easier to browse and navigate the content. There will also be a new referencing tutorial to help you understand why and how to reference well in your assignments and other work.

Some things you will need to do to make sure you don’t lose anything from the old website:

  • Save your progress in the current tutorials, assessment scores and/or certificate of completion (if you have made use of any of these)
  • Bookmarks on the current site will not be transferred – if you have used the bookmarking tool to save your most used sources you may wish to make a note of these so that you can set up your bookmarks again on the new website.

Referencing Tutorial

Please note: the below guides are for resits/completing PhDs only

It is essential you follow the guidelines in your course handbook or assignment guidelines.

All undergraduate students and masters students are expected to follow Cite Them Right for Harvard or APA style.

The guides below are only for students resitting or completing doctoral theses who have chosen to continue using QMU Write and Cite.