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eResearch, eTheses and eData repositories: File locked?

Repositories for QMU research publications, data and theses.

File locked - embargoes and other restrictions

Many publishers set an embargo period for book chapters and journal articles deposited in institutional repositories. This means that we cannot make an item publicly available until the embargo period is over- this is usually between 6 and 24 months from the date of publication.

If something is under embargo it will usually have a padlock icon next to the download link, and an end date on the left hand side of the record. This is when the item will become available to download:

If the research hasn’t been published yet, there won’t be an end date, but you’ll still see the padlock icon next to the file download link. We'll update the embargo end date once the item has been published.

Not under embargo, but still padlocked?

It's likely that the version in eResearch is the final published version rather than the accepted manuscript. For copyright reasons most publishers won’t allow the final published version to be deposited in a repository (unless it is an open access item).


How to access

We provide an article’s DOI or other URL at the bottom of the record so that you can access the publisher page and download the file if QMU has a subscription to the journal:

If the eResearch record is for a book that we have in QMU library, we will provide a link to the catalogue record for the physical copy of the book, or a link to the ebook.

If you need help accessing a journal article or book that we don't have access to via QMU LRC, you can request it via Inter-Library Loan or suggest the library purchase the book (Intranet link).

Help us grow our eResearch collection

If you find a record for one of your items that has no file associated with it, please email your accepted manuscript to and we will attach the file.

When you notify us about your new research publications, please send your accepted manuscript to make it accessible to those who need it.

Questions, Comments and Feedback

If you are having problems that aren't covered by this guide, or have any questions or feedback, please get in touch at