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eResearch, eTheses and eData repositories: Problems downloading from eResearch?

Repositories for QMU research publications, data and theses.

Why can't I access this journal article/book chapter/book etc. even though there is an eResearch record for it?

If you have found a record for an item in eResearch but can’t work out how to download it, there are a few different reasons it might not be available.  This guide provides information on why the file might not be downloadable as well as advice on alternative ways to access the research.

Questions, Comments and Feedback

If you are having problems that aren't covered by this guide, or have any questions or feedback, please get in touch at

Help us grow our eResearch collection

If you find a record for one of your items that has no file associated with it, please email your accepted manuscript to and we will attach the file.

When you notify us about your new research publications, please send your accepted manuscript to make it accessible to those who need it.