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Induction: Smartcard

Library Guide for New Students

Topping Up Your Smartcard

Your Smartcard can be topped up with two balances: one for printing and one for food, library fines and other purchases. This is done on two different types of machines on campus.

The top up machines for printing are located in the LRC. There is one to your right as you come through the entrance gates which will top up your balance with cash, and one at the East End of the LRC which will allow you to top up with cash or card.

For your general smart card balance, the machines are located across from the reception desk at the entrance of the university, and there is also a machine at the entrance to the canteen.

Take care to correctly select the correct machine when you top up.

Smartcard = pays for lunch, buy items in the Campus Shop, buy items from the LRC etc.

QMU Print = pays for printing and photocopying only!

Printing Top Up Machine

Smartcard Top Up Machine