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Dispute Resolution: Databases - Literature Search

How to use this page

Use databases to find articles on a given topic which is called literature searching for assignments and dissertations. If you have never had training on literature searching, please see the Literature Search video below to help you create a search strategy on a given topic.

Many of the databases in the left hand column are available through the same platform such as Proquest and EBSCO. If you learn how to search one Proquest database or one EBSCO database, you will know how to search all of the Proquest or EBSCO databases as they all databases on the same platforms look the same but contain diferrent journal collections. Please see the short online and video guides to the right for each database or group of databases to help you learn how to search them.


Literature searching videos

EBSCO databases help

Proquest databases help

ScienceDirect help


Statista help

Web of Science help