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Collaborations - Drama, Theatre and Performing Arts: Referencing

About this guide

This guide contains information about two important parts of academic integrity: referencing and plagiarism. Good referencing is part of good academic conduct and one of the main ways to make sure you avoid plagiarising other people's work.

Please note that the examples given throughout this guide are in Harvard style, which is the referencing style at QMU (with the exception of Psychology and Speech and Language Therapy modules which ask for APA style). These are illustrative of how to cite and reference. 

Referencing at QMU

There are many different referencing styles. QMU modules require either standard Harvard or APA referencing. Most subjects at QMU ask you to use the Harvard referencing style. For guidance, please see the online resource Cite Them Right Online (QMU login required).

Some programmes ask you to reference using APA 7th referencing style (e.g. Psychology, and Speech and Language Therapy). If you are asked to use APA for assignments, consult Cite Them Right to make sure you are citing and referencing in the correct style. The default setting for Cite Them Right for QMU is Harvard (because the majority of modules require Harvard style referencing), so make sure to switch the Cite Them Right examples from Harvard to APA in the settings.

Cite Them Right

Referencing Tutorial