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Don't panic: guide to being a QMU student: Social media

The The Guide to Being a QMU Student by Ellie Pullar & Bianca Petrone

Social media

I have to say you might be surprised about the number of resources available on YouTube and TikTok. After all we all need things explained in a different way from a different perspective from time to time. YouTube can be useful to understand a concept in a short amount of time and you can then get an in-depth understanding and knowledge from journal articles.


Facebook has become a stable for everyone, especially the group options which is the only one used from anyone born after 00’. Every year, each new course will usually create a Facebook group chat to keep everyone in the loop throughout the year such as changes to deadlines, getting answers to assignment questions or finding out about any class trips. But here's a friendly heads-up: when it comes to expressing your thoughts about lecturers or the university itself, you got to be cautious about what you type and who might end up seeing it. Trust me, the university takes this stuff seriously, especially if you start dropping names and venting frustrations (hey, we've all been there and done that). Just don’t spill it on Facebook. You will be surprised how people might change their opinion regarding a subject if they can gain something in return. 

If you are studying a subject that is very popular and you classmates have less clue than you (it happens pal) you might want to give a little try on Facebook groups and LinkedIn pages. All business students have done modules like: Business Law, Operational Management and Human resource management. Type the module in the Facebook bar research or on the LinkedIn bar research and have a try. You might need to do a little play as some courses might have a slightly different name based on the country of the institutions, for instance the module Human Resource Management might be called People management in some institutions. Have a little go and see what’s up there. There is someone in Arizona who has just solved the same issues with Excel that you are struggling with, and they can’t wait to share it on the internet. Speaking from personal exp, these YouTube videos who explained how to properly do pivot table on excel, they saved me.  Same things can be useful for TikTok, but I can’t help, I’m a gen Z and have zero clue on it.