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Don't panic: guide to being a QMU student: Organisation

The The Guide to Being a QMU Student by Ellie Pullar & Bianca Petrone


This seems to be quite an obvious section to do but organisation and time management will save you during your time at uni. All the work required of you takes so much longer than you think, we’ve all been there leaving things till last minute and staying up till 5am to finish assignments but it really pays off to have some organisation. What really helped me during my studies was pretending a deadline was the week earlier than it’s due, by tricking yourself into thinking you’ve almost ran out of time means you can complete assignments quickly but still have a week to proofread and make changes.

We don’t have to tell you this as you’ll already know, but time management is ESSENTIAL. Make a schedule and force yourself to stick to it, yes, I know it’s easier said than done but before you know it, you’ll be in fourth year writing your dissertation along with the other modules you must complete and wish you trained yourself earlier to stick to your schedule. The schedule you create does not have to be strict you can still enjoy your life, think of university as a 9-5 job. Make time for reading, attend or watch all lectures and do the work before seminars but also make time for friends, working your part-time job and doing everything you enjoy. It can be tedious, but it all helps when it comes to completing assignments on time while still being able to enjoy life.

Effective organisation and time management will simply make your journey through university a lot more enjoyable. The workload is only as hard as you make it, utilising your time and working on assessments early will make your life so much easier.