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Don't panic: guide to being a QMU student: Politics

The The Guide to Being a QMU Student by Ellie Pullar & Bianca Petrone


University can be a stressful process, for everyone. However, every course contains a handful of other students that comment on their progress and how easy they find the work. It can be difficult to constantly hear about how your peers are further ahead of you and how they have finished a piece of work and you haven’t, it can take a toll on your work and happiness. By listening to others, you are going to make yourself miserable by constantly thinking you’re not working as hard or as fast as others or that you are not good enough to be at uni.

So instead of telling you not to listen to others, as that is impossible especially if it’s your friends or others on your course, we are going to say that you are doing a great job. Everyone works at their own pace, everyone finds different aspects of uni difficult, all the people telling you they found it easy and can’t believe you haven’t done as much as them is probably a lie. Take it from us, we have experienced this, and guess what it was all lies and the people bragging about how much better they are at uni needed help in the end, typically from the people they mocked about being behind or working at a slower pace.

We just want you to remember that everyone is different, everyone finds things difficult, some people work faster but so what, you made it into uni, you are doing great so keep going.