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Don't panic: guide to being a QMU student: Life after uni

The The Guide to Being a QMU Student by Ellie Pullar & Bianca Petrone

Life after uni

So, life after uni is a weird time of your life. In one instance you have made an amazing achievement getting that degree and all the stress is over but then the dreaded question “what now” creeps up. It can be hard to find a purpose after uni, you’ve worked so hard to get to where you are but now your family are expecting you to get a job just like that when you just want to sleep. All your friends start going their separate ways and you may feel lost but don’t get discouraged you’ve got graduation to look forward to.

Besides graduation maybe book a holiday, you deserve it! I know the stresses of no more SAAS and finding a job are looming but treat yourself to a wee getaway. I went interrailing after uni was over and it was the best holiday (maybe aim for a more relaxing one first). Its easy to let the terrors of being an adult and getting a job, you may feel your life is over, but it should get better, well I hope it does. As I am writing this guide, I’m missing uni and having something to do, and the dreaded job search is worse than I thought. Although life is hard sometimes it does eventually get better, look at people older than you, they made it work and so can you!

Graduation is so exciting and something to look forward to, but it doesn’t come without stress. We want to give you some very useful tips that we were given to prepare you for the day and what to expect during and after the ceremony. First things first, if you’ve got family in another country get them to book their tickets the minute you find out the date as there is nothing worse than them missing your day. Book your seats early, try and get your guests seated in the middle of the grand circle as its impossible to determine where you’ll be seated on the day.

You will be roasting in your gown, so we recommend wearing something lightweight (even if it’s raining) as the gowns are thick and heavy. The hood will slide and bunch up so bring safety pins to keep it in place, you can go back outside once you’ve collected your gown if you want someone to help. The company providing the gowns also have staff who put your gown on for you (adding this in as it was a shock to me with some guy putting my gown on while I was sweating). The gowns are black, and the hood is blue, green and white, look at QMU’s Instagram and Facebook to get an idea of what people wear but you can just wear anything as long as its respectful. The stage is shiny and slippy so scuff up the bottom of brand-new shoes, so you don’t fall, also make sure to break in your shoes as it’s a long day.