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Don't panic: Politics

The Psyc/Soc Student's Guide to Fourth Year by Hope Christie and Karl Johnson


...everyone works at their own pace, if it isn't as fast as other people in your year, so what...

Fourth year is a stressful time, for everyone. However, in every year there seem to exist a small handful of students whom, intentionally or otherwise, decide they will pass comment on how far along they are, how quickly they are getting through their data collection/work, how easy they found something or how surprised they are that you aren’t further along. It’s easy for us to sit here and type ‘don’t buy into it and rise above’, but trust us, if you do buy into it you are going to make yourself miserable constantly thinking you are not working hard enough, or fast enough, or you’re just not good enough to be in fourth year.

So instead of telling you to ‘rise above’, we’re going to assure you that you are doing just great as you are. And those people who told you they’ve already written that essay and found it super easy, or they’ve pretty much finished data collection and can’t believe you haven’t done as many – it’s all lies! They probably struggled with that essay, and they probably haven’t recruited as many people as they say they have.


Just remember that everyone works at their own pace, if it isn’t as fast as other people in your year, so what. You’re doing great, so just keep going.