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Don't panic: eTheses

The Psyc/Soc Student's Guide to Fourth Year by Hope Christie and Karl Johnson

eTheses is pretty helpful

As a helpful tip, we would recommend that you sign up to E-Theses. It’s a part of the QMU website where all previous years have their theses (Bachelors, Masters, PhD) uploaded. The undergrad theses are anonymised and you are not told what the final grade was, you’re only given the title. It’s often helpful to look at a template of a previous UG dissertation to see how it has been formatted. You don’t necessarily need to find a dissertation which is on the same topic as you; in fact it’s often helpful if you find something that isn’t, that way you won’t be inclined to plagiarise that person’s work.

Don't feel limited to looking at just the previous psych/soc papers on E-Theses. Sociology is a particularly broad church, and you might find something interesting and/or useful in papers by students from Media and Culture, or some of the Health degrees. It might turn out that someone else has already covered some of the same ground as you, so you can see what works and what doesn't. You'd be surprised at some of the crossovers – Karl once answered questions from an Occupational Therapy student about Pierre Bourdieu. 

Try and keep an open mind. The same goes for papers written by academic staff in the EResearch section – where you can find a huge amount of papers, book chapters, etc., written by the lecturers and researchers at QMU (and see what they’re up to outside of class).


Screenshot or eTheses