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Don't panic: About the authors

The Psyc/Soc Student's Guide to Fourth Year by Hope Christie and Karl Johnson

About the authors

PhotographI, unlike Karl, am refusing to write my bio in the third person, there is something a bit too ‘Patrick Bateman’ about it. I’ll keep this short, because most likely none of you are going to read this anyway. I graduated with a 2:1 degree in Psychology and then went on to do the Masters in Research degree with Karl, in which I graduated with a distinction. I am now in my first year of my PhD at the University of Bath.
Following the completion of my Masters degree I worked as the psychology technician at QMU. After spending 9/10 months of working with students at QMU I witnessed first-hand the trials and tribulations of the 2014/15 cohort of fourth year psych/soc students, I decided someone needed to write a guide for the new set of fourth year to help them navigate their way through it. Hopefully you all find it helpful, if not I’m sure it’ll balance that wobbly table in your flat or act as a good beer coaster or something.

PhotographKarl Johnson journeyed down from The True North beyond The Wall, in order to study Psychology & Sociology at QMU. He graduated with a First Class Honours, and went on to join the first Masters in Research class at QMU with Hope. Having wasted too many years of his life working in a garden centre, Karl occasionally lectures at QMU and wishes for superpowers.

We'd like to thank everyone for their support and contributions in writing and producing this guide – in particular the staff (notably Clare Uytman, John Docherty-Hughes and Duncan Robb), students and alumni of QMU for their inspiration and input. You know who you are, and you know who you aren't.