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Critical Appraisal : Critical appraisal full list of checklists and tools

Which checklist or tool should I use?

There are hundreds of critical appraisal checklists and tools you can choose from, which can be very overwhelming. There are so many because there are many kinds of research, knowledge can be communicated in a wide range of ways, and whether something is appropriate to meet your information needs depends on your specific context. 

We have asked for recommendations from lecturers in different academic departments, to give you an idea about which checklists and tools may be the most relevant for you. Please hover over the drop-down menu at the top of the page, underneath 'Critical appraisal checklists and tools' to view the individual subject pages.

Below are lists of as many critical appraisal tools and checklists as we have been able to find. These are split into health sciences and social sciences because the two areas tend to take different approaches to evaluation, for various reasons!

To see a selection of checklists more suitable for your subject, hover over the top tab of this page.  

Critical appraisal checklists and tools for Health Sciences

Critical appraisal checklists and tools for Social Sciences