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Copyright, Scanning and Photocopying: Support for users with disabilities

Is there additional help for users with disabilities?
The licences allow staff to make enlarged copies of material for partially sighted students or staff. There are no limitations on the amount of material that can be copied under this agreement, but the following conditions must be met:

  • copies cannot be put on 1 Day Loan
  • at least one copy of the original must have been purchased by the LRC and be available to other students
  • it must not already be available in large print format
  • enlarged copies cannot be bound in course packs, edited, sold or published, even for non-commercial purposes

Publishers have also produced guidelines to offer help to users with visual impairment:

  • Visually impaired people, who have lawfully bought or borrowed a copy of a published work, may make whatever format changes they require to enable personal access to the work, including speech synthesis, Braille, large print, speech recording, electronic file, provided the work is not readily commercially available in a suitable format.
  • A non-electronic copy, e.g. speech recording or Braille copy, may be borrowed or exchanged among visually impaired people as if it were the print original itself.
  • Electronic copies may be created and stored on a computer for as long as required to enable personal use of the work while the original is retained. They may not be made accessible or passed on to a third party, or posted on an Intranet or the Internet. If the original is lent, sold or given away, then any electronic copies must be deleted or transferred with the original.
  • Visually impaired people must respect the copyright of the work. They must not in any way adapt, edit, alter, amend or distort the work, other than as required to enable full access, without the prior permission of the copyright owner.
  • Copyright owners retain the right to exclude the use of certain formats in special circumstances and permission must be sought in these cases.

If you require any further information about additional help please contact Lindsay Menzies in the LRC.