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Therapeutic Radiography: Using Other Libraries

A subject guide for Therapeutic Radiography at Queen Margaret University


The Learning Resource Centre (LRC) at Queen Margaret University will have most of the materials you need for your studies while you are here. However, when you start studying for your final-year dissertation, or if you are a post-graduate student or are involved in research you may well need access to materials that are not held within the LRC.

Always check the Library Catalogue or the E-Journals page to see if the item is available from the LRC.

In some situations, you may wish to consult material available in your local area and the following links describe locating material and gaining access to other libraries. If you are unsure about access to any library, please contact the Library for more information or ask in the LRC Helpdesk.

How to access other libraries

Access to printed resources in other libraries can be arranged through co-operative membership schemes, application forms or letter of introduction. It is advised that you check with QMU Library before visiting another library to ensure you have the correct documentation to avoid disappointment.

To visit libraries which are not participants in the above schemes (e.g. in the Republic of Ireland), access may be given at the discretion of the Librarian at the library to be visited.

A 'Letter of Access' may be provided by QMU to facilitate this. If you require such a letter, please complete the following form and return it to QMU Library allowing enough time for the 'Letter of Introduction' to be sent to you.

Edinburgh Libraries Passport Scheme

The Edinburgh Libraries Passport is a card which tells the library you are visiting that you are a genuine information seeker and that your requirements cannot be dealt with at your own library. It is of particular benefit to students and staff who are trying to obtain reference access to some of the specialist libraries in Edinburgh that are not members of other schemes such as The Royal College of Surgeons library.

Click here for more details of libraries participating in the scheme. Application forms are available at the Service Desk who can also issue you your card.

SCONUL Access Scheme

SCONUL Access is a scheme which allows many university library users to borrow or use books and journals at other libraries which belong to the scheme, The scheme covers most of the university libraries in the UK and Ireland.

If you are:

  • an academic on an open or fixed term contract
  • a postgraduate research student registered for a PhD, MPhil or similar qualification
  • a part-time, distance learning and placement student
  • or a full-time postgraduate

You may be able to borrow from other college or university libraries.

For full details of the SCONUL Access scheme see their website.

Finding other libraries and their collections

Finding other libraries in Edinburgh

See this page for more information about Edinburgh libraries you may be able to access.

Finding other libraries across Scotland 

See this page for more information about libraries across Scotland you may be able to access.

Union Lists

JISC Library Hub Discover - it provides access to the merged online catalogues of 110 UK academic and specialist libraries.  This service replaces the Copac and SUNCAT services.

SHINE - SHINE is the database of the Scottish Health Information Network and covers health Libraries in Scotland. Choose the Shine Union List menu option to find out where journals are held in health libraries in Scotland.

Other institutions' catalogues

WiFi at other libraries

 eduroam logo

QMU students, staff, and visitors from participating institutions should use the eduroam network.

Eduroam enables users from participating institutions to use their Queen Margaret University email address and password credentials to access the eduroam network.  Please make sure that Eduroam works at QMU before attempting to use it at another institution.

National Library of Scotland (NLS)

Staff and students can apply for a library card. This can be done in advance of visiting. Please see the NLS website for details. The NLS can provide access to unique material not available elsewhere.

SCOTBIS (Scottish Business Information Service) at the NLS

QMU Library is a subscriber of SCOTBIS. QMU students have access to the SCOTBIS website and can also use the extensive collection of printed resources relating to business information available at the NLS. See entry above.

NHS Scotland Knowledge Network

NHS staff and QMU students on placement with the NHS as part of their course can register and access e-journals through The Knowledge Network.

Further assistance

If you are unsure about access to any library, please contact for more information or ask at the Helpdesk.

If the materials you need are not available in your local area or you are a research student or member of staff, the final step is to apply for the materials via our Inter Library Loan (ILL) Service.