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Music Therapy: Journals

Electronic journals

Use this option if you are looking for a specific journal article from a specific journal. If you are looking for any journal article on a particular subject then please go to the databases page.

Please also remember the full text journals which are available from the start menu. Click on start - all programs - music therapy research 3rd ed. Via this you will get access to the full text of the following:
Journal of Music Therapy - 1964-2008
Music Therapy - 1981-1996
Music Therapy Perspectives - 1982-1984,1986-2008
Fultz Research - 1998-2008


If you are on campus or connected via remote access clicking on an article link should take you to the full text. If you are not on campus or using remote access please click on the link then look for an option to login via shibboleth or via your institution.
More information on accessing our electronic journals is available here.