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Occupational Therapy: Using Social Media Effectively

Social media is an increasingly important aspect of job hunting and can have a huge impact on your employability. Here you'll find resources that explain the need for social media savvy in creating the right impression with employers and how to effectively use different platforms for career research and networking. 

Social Media & Networking Online

These YouTube videos demonstrate the risks that indiscriminate sharing over the Internet can have on your online image, information security, and even your employability. All the more reason for researching how to build a professional online profile and keep your digital footprint clean...

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Tools for Managing your Digital Profile

There are a number of online tools available for effectively analysing and managing your social media accounts. Some of these such as Hootsuite consolidate all your social media activity in one place while others, such as Reppler monitor your digital profile across multiple networks.

Here's a recommended list:

Library Articles on Digital Professionalism

This selection of journal articles engages with growing academic interest on the subject of digital professionalism.

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