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Speech and Language Therapy: Specific Speech Impairment

A subject guide for Speech and Language Therapy from Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh.

Recommended and independent reading

Essays/exam papers with evidence of independent reading will attract higher grades so remember as Speech and Language Therapy students, you are expected to consult primary sources such as journal articles as well as the recommended reading material.  Here are a selection of recommended textbooks, book chapters and journal articles.

Core textbooks

Core textbooks also available as eBooks

Key papers

Unless otherwise stated, the journal articles below are available in print version only in the LRC:

ALLEN, M.M., 2013. Intervention efficacy and intensity for children with speech sound disorder. Journal of Speech, Language and Hearing Research [online]. June, vol. 56, no.3, pp.865-877 [viewed 2 November 2015]. Available from: 

KENT, R., KENT, J. and ROSENBEK, J., 1987. Maximum performance tests of speech production. Journal of Speech and Hearing Disorders. November, vol. 52, no. 4, pp. 367-387.

SO, L.K.H. and DODD, B., 1994. Phonologically disordered Cantonese speaking children. Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics. vol. 8, no. 3, pp.235-255.

STACKHOUSE, J., 1992. Developmental verbal dyspraxia I: A review and critique. European Journal of Disorders of Communication. vol. 27, no. 1, pp. 19-34.

WATERS, D., HAWKES, C. and BURNETT, E., 1998. Targeting speech processing strengths to facilitate pronunciation change. International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders [online]. October, vol. 33, suppl. 1, pp. 469-474 [viewed 9 October 2015]. Available from:

WILLIAMS, P. and STACKHOUSE, J., 1998. Diadochokinetic skills: Normal and atypical performance in children aged 3-5 years. International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders [online]. October, vol. 33, supp. 1, pp. 481-486 [viewed 9 October 2015]. Available from:

Key book chapters

The book chapters below are available in print version only from the LRC:

BARNETT, A. and PETERS, J., 2004. Motor proficiency assessment batteries. In: D. DEWEY and D.E. TUPPER, eds. Developmental motor disorders: A neuropsychological perspective. New York: Guilford Press, pp. 66-109.

BATES, S. and WATSON, J., 2012. Working with children with specific speech impairment. In: M. KERSNER and J.A. WRIGHT, eds. Speech and language therapy: The decision-making process when working with children. Abington: Routledge, pp. 99-108.

GUYETTE, T.W. and DIEDRICH, W.M., 1981. A critical review of developmental apraxia of speech. In: N.J. LASS, ed. Speech and Language: Advances in Basic Research and Practice. New York: Academic Press, vol. 5, pp. 1-49.