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Talis Resource Lists (TARL) Guide for Staff: Adding links in the HUB to Talis lists

This guides aims to support academic staff with managing their Talis Resource Lists.

a. Adding Talis List Sections to the HUB

You can divide your Talis list into weekly sections and only link to the relevant section for each week within the Hub module. Once you’ve created sections, go to the relevant module week in the Hub and click on Build Content - Resource Lists. Give it a name e.g. Week 1 Reading, click Submit. Click on the newly created Resource Lists entry within the hub page and when the Authentication Required screen appears, click Start and input your login details. You will see an Add List screen and in the search box start typing the Talis list name or code - even if the name of the list already appears in the search box - just overwrite it and choose the correct list from the drop down menu. This will prompt a new box to appear to the right hand side of it called The List.  It is here where you choose whether to add the whole list to the hub module or a specific section of the list  e.g. Week 1 Reading (only available once you have divided your list into weekly sections).

Please use the Horizon Remote Desktop if you have problems adding your Talis lists to the HUB modules.

b. Adding your Talis list to your Hub Module Site within Folders

1. In your Hub module, click on Build Content and select Reading Lists.


2. Enter the title of the list that you want the students to see - i.e. This week's reading - and then press submit and launch, or submit.

3. Your newly named link should now be visible. Click on it (you may be prompted to enter your QMU username and password). The name of your menu will be visible in the search box.

4. Search for your Resource List by typing the module code into the search box. Select it when it appears.

5. You can add your whole list or an individual section. Click Save if you want to add the whole list. If you want a specific section, click on the drop down menu to select your section, then click Save.

c. Adding your Resource List to your Hub Module Site to Left Menu

1. In your Hub module, click on the + to Add Menu item. Select Tool Link.

2. Type the name of your link as you want it to appear in the menu to your students.

3. From the Type menu, select the Reading Lists option, tick the Available to Users box and then click Submit.

4. Your new link should now appear at the bottom of the menu. Drag it to where you want it to be.

5. Click on the link to start the process of linking to your Resource List. As with linking a section, you may need to log in with your QMU username and password.