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Talis Resource Lists (TARL) Guide for Staff: Step 2. Add the TARL bookmarklet

This guides aims to support academic staff with managing their Talis Resource Lists.

Add the TARL Bookmarklet

To enable you to add resources to your list, you need to install the Talis Bookmarklet app to your browser’s Favourites Bar.

  • Log into Talis and click on My Bookmarks
  • Click Install Bookmark Button (on the right), then click Next
  • Click on Add to My Bookmarks and drag it to your Favourites Bar in the position you want (you can edit its name to Talis Bookmarklet or something else that makes sense to you). Click Next and Close.
  • It is a good idea to also bookmark the Talis list website next to the Bookmarklet because you will always need to keep a browser window open on your list while you work in a different browser window to find the resource you want to add to your list.
  • If you have problems with adding the bookmarklet or you use Firefox, please follow the link below for further instructions: