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Therapeutic Radiography: Written Assignment Guidelines

A subject guide for Therapeutic Radiography at Queen Margaret University

Dear Students

Dear Students,

I am often asked for the guidelines for written assignments.  Each department is different and so I recommend checking in module handbooks and/or Hub sites for this information.

Radiography staff have forwarded their Written Assignment Guidelines and have given me permission to upload it here. 

Kind regards,


Written Assignment Guidelines




The subject area of Radiography expects all written assignments to conform to the following format


  • Typed or word-processed on single sides of A4 paper.
  •  Font style Arial, font size 11.
  •  Double spaced except for the References and Appendices which should be single spaced.
  •  All text left aligned (non-justified).
  •  Margins: left 3 cm; right 2 cm; top and bottom 2 cm each.
  •  Quotations of three lines or more to be indented and single spaced.
  •  Harvard referencing according to QMU Write and Cite 2013 guidelines.
  •  Titles to be positioned below figures and above tables.
  •  Numbers below 10 in the text to be written in full unless followed by measurement units.
  •  Numbers in columns to be right aligned.
  •  Numbers in columns to have consistent decimal places.
  •  Always utilize the first 0 in a number less than one, e.g., 0.05 (rather than .05).
  • Page numbers in the footer, centred and sequential.
  •  Headings for each appendix started on a new page.
  • Bold, italicised or underlined headings and sub-headings may be used if desired.
  • QMU matriculation number in the header of every page.
  •  Stapled on the top left corner unless otherwise stated.
  •  Assignments should NOT be enclosed in plastic wallets.
  •  Anonymous marking is used for all written assignments and requires the student to ensure their name does not appear anywhere in the assignment.
  •  Assignments must be signed in and submitted to the relevant box in the School Office by the published date.
  •  A QMU plagiarism declaration should be attached to all hard copy submissions.
  •  An electronic copy of the assignment should be deposited in the relevant drop-box on the Hub by the required date.
  •  Each assignment will have a word limit, but this varies, for example:
    • a 1000 word limit has +10% leeway (< 1100 words are acceptable);
    • a 1500-2000 word range has no leeway outside these limits;
    • an essay of 5000 words maximum can have less than 5000 but no more.
  • You are strongly advised to use Turnitin for all assignments, even if not specifically requested, as staff will use this resource to check for plagiarism if it is suspected