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Copyright, Scanning and Photocopying

What about copying diagrams, drawings or photographs?
These are covered under a separate clause in the CLA Licence, and can be copied.

Does the CLA licence cover all copying at QM?
No, the University holds copies of the following licences. The description only gives an indication of permissions; you should look for more detailed explanations elsewhere in these FAQs.

Do we have a licence that allows us to make copies of TV and radio programmes?
Yes, we have several. Together they provide permission to:

  • record, retain, copy and use radio and television broadcast programmes for teaching purposes. This includes most output from BBC and ITV, under the Educational Recording Agency Licence (ERA). These programmes can be recorded on DVD, Video Tape, Audio Tape, or on a server for network distribution. These programmes can only be shown within the academic buildings of the institution. They cannot be shown at student/staff residences or be used for distance learning if the student is off-campus.
  • record programmes of the Open University, under their own licence
  • record satellite and cable broadcasts which, currently, are not covered by any licence

This is provided they are for educational purposes, are appropriately labelled, and no charge is made to view the recording. Details of how recordings can be used, or should be labelled, can be obtained from the Educational Resource Centre (ERC).