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Don't panic: LRC / ELS

The Psyc/Soc Student's Guide to Fourth Year by Hope Christie and Karl Johnson

The Library (LRC) and the Effective Learning Service (ELS)

...a great resource that often goes untapped...

The Library

Okay, so surely after four years you are aware that the library exists? But aside from asking the librarians behind the desk to pay off your library fines, or when a book you want will be returned, have you actually properly spoken to them?

Each subject within the university has their own liaison librarian, and they are a great asset if you have any questions regarding the books, journals and other online resources. Sometimes if you need a resource and have emailed your lecturer about it, but they haven’t replied to you, you should seek out the help of your liaison librarian. They will help you find what you are looking for, so make good use of them.

We must hold our hands up and admit we didn’t really use the library or it’s staff to their full potential when we were in your shoes. The library was just the place we went when the rest of the building shut for the evening (yes, we were here pretty late most evenings). This is why we are telling you about them though, they are a great resource that often goes untapped.

The Effective Learning Service

Located inside the library the ELS is another good resource available to students to help with writing.

Let’s get one thing straight though; the ELS is not there to tell you if the content of your essay is correct, or if you’re on the right lines with an approach to an essay question. However, they are there to help you apply your feedback from previous assignments to an upcoming one. They can show you areas where you can be more critical, more evaluative, and less descriptive. They will also help you with sentence structure, layout of paragraphs, punctuation and grammar, etc.


Hope used the ELS a few times and found them pretty helpful. The staff are always happy to help you, so you should drop in and see them.

The staff are always happy to help you...