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QMU database and resource AtoZ list: Access information

A guide listing databases and other resources for use by staff and students at QMU.

General information

The electronic information resources available to you at QMU are provided from a variety of different publishers' websites. Publishers use different ways to make sure access to their information is only available to members of subscribing organizations. You may need to use a different method of access depending on whether you are using a University thin-client terminal or are off campus, for example at home or at work.

Most of our resources are directly accessible when on campus but off campus there are three methods of access: Remote Access Desktop, Shibboleth access with your Institutional login, or a specific username and password for the individual resource. These are explained below.

Remote Desktop

Information on how to log into the QMU network from off campus is available from the Remote Access page on the QMU website. Logging into the network in this way will give you access to resources and your files as if you were using a terminal on campus.

The page provides the link to login remotely and Guidance on how to login.


While the use of the Remote Desktop is the preferred method of connection to LRC e-resources when off-campus, it is also possible to connect to individual resources using your institutional login (the one you use for email etc). Look for the “Shibboleth, Institutional, or Federation login” link on resource homepages, select Queen Margaret University from the drop down list and enter your login details when prompted.

Guide to using Shibboleth to access electronic resources

Specific username and password

There are a small number of electronic journals which still require a specific username and password for full text access. These are indicated by a padlock icon next to the journal title on the A to Z list of electronic journals or on our database listing pages.

Please contact LRC staff for the passwords for these titles.